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For The Discerning Frodo, Might We Suggest This Upscale Hobbit Home For $515K

Oh, you can dress up the verbiage around this Lake Forest Park 3-BR all you like, broker. Sure, sure, it's an "earth home" that is "discreetly integrated into the green spaces." But we know an upscale hobbit home when we see one. The ground level basically answers the question, "What if The Shire went postmodern?" And then there's the second-story "tree house," with its own bath, bar and access to the roof garden. You. Shall. Not. Pass without taking a closer look at this Hobbit home for grownups. (Please note that we have reached our Lord of the Rings puns quota for the week).
· 4555 NE 201st Place Lake Forest Park [Estately]