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Awesome Amenities Watch: The Sub Pop Floor At Hotel Max

During Hotels Week, we'll be showcasing some of the coolest, most unique and craziest amenities located in hotels in and around Seattle. So next time someone asks you for tips on where to stay in town, you'll sound like you know what you're talking about. Got a suggestion? Send it on over to the tipline.

A lot of people come to Seattle because of music. And if they're coming to Seattle to visit the places their musical heroes lived (or died) or to spend a day roaming EMP, chances are they're fans of music released by Sub Pop Records. From the Grunge days of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney to current bands such as Fleet Foxes, The Postal Service and The Shins, Sub Pop has worked with them all.

Naturally, Seattle-bound music-lovers who love those bands are going to love the idea of staying on a hotel floor dedicated to the Sub Pop sound. Hotel Max partnered with Sub Pop Records to upgrade all 19 guest rooms on the hotel's 5th floor for the ultimate Seattle music experience.

The guest room corridors at Hotel Max all feature large-scale black and white images from different Seattle photographers. The hotel's 5th floor is a natural home for this project as it showcases work by Charles Peterson, whose camera captured the raw passion and power of Seattle's music scene in the late 80's and 90's and whose photographs helped define the early Sub Pop aesthetic on the label's record covers for Nirvana and Mudhoney. Installation of the Sub Pop floor at Hotel Max extends the experience that begins with these corridor photos into the guest rooms by highlighting the evolution of Seattle's most notorious record label and sharing current Sub Pop releases with guests of Hotel Max. Some of the cool features included in each room are:

· Framed poster art from current Sub Pop bands.
· QR code that enables guests to visit the label's website and order posters & music online.
· Crosley record players and a selection of vinyl records curated by Sup Pop.
· Sub Pop TV channel that broadcasts Sub Pop music videos.

And if you want to take that music with you, Hotel Max will let you borrow an iPod preloaded with your favorite genre of music – from classic sounds of Puget Sound to modern Sub Pop bands. For example, the Sub Pop mix includes songs from Band of Horses, Battles, Brite Futures and more.

To book a room on the Sub Pop floor at Hotel Max, check out their website.