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Seattle Hotel Showdown: Which $5,000/Night Suite Would You Choose?

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$5,000. Assuming you're not Bill Gates, and since we know Mr. G is a big Curbed reader that's a risky assumption, $5,000 is a decent chunk of change. If you're going to plop down $5K, you might be putting a down payment on a car or buying Seattle Storm season tickets. You're probably not sinking all of that into one night in a Seattle hotel room. And yet, if you wanted to, there is not one but two downtown hotel suites that require at least that amount in order to do so.

The question is, really, which $5,000/night hotel suite would you prefer?

Your first choice...the Presidential Suite at Four Seasons Seattle. Up on the 10th floor, this 2,480 square-foot luxury suite comes with a master bedroom, 1.5 bath, living room, dining room and an office. The volcanic basalt stone walls are lined with original artwork from Pacific Northwest artists such as Morris Graves and Leo Kenney. If you prefer the view outside, you'll get about as good a look at Elliott Bay, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains as anyplace in downtown Seattle. With the help of connecting rooms, the suite can be expanded in a two- or even three-bedroom.

Over at Hotel 1000, the Grand Suite should probably be called the Five Grand Suite. This 2,000 square-foot suite offers panoramic views of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay and Puget Sound from the 14th floor. The suite includes five rooms, including a master bedroom, large living room, media room with 60-inch plasma TV and dining room that can seat eight people. The private bathroom gives way to an intimate "sanctuary" with a shower-for-two as well as a bath with a view. As a special bonus, the suite can be outfitted with "intelligent artwork" to reflect your personal taste and style.

So, if you had $5,000 to drop on one night in Seattle's swankiest suite, which suite sounds sweeter?
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