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"Is That Blood?" Seattle's Worst Hotel Room Stains

Nobody's perfect, right? So while every hotel strives to give you the best possible experience while lodging you, there are bound to be mistakes and snafus from time to time. Of course, sometimes a hotel's effort can be a little lacking and that's when you end up going to Trip Advisor and posting a picture of what appears to be blood stains in your room. We don't know what's worse...knowing the stain is actually blood or realizing it's not...because what the hell is could it be? In the gallery above, we peruse some users' hotel nightmare scenario come to life. Warning: NSFT (Not Safe For Travelers)

· La Hacienda Motel [Trip Advisor]
· Everspring Inn [Trip Advisor]
· Marco Polo Motel [Trip Advisor]
· Travelodge Seattle by the Space Needle [Trip Advisor]
· Executive Hotel Pacific [Trip Advisor]