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These Trip Advisor Users Have Some Issues With Georgetown's La Hacienda Motel

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Wondering what the "worst" hotel in Seattle is? It might just be La Hacienda Motel in Georgetown, if the reviews on Trip Advisor are to be believed. Of the 23 reviews, 15 are rated "Terrible" and when you dive into them, you get painted a picture that's about as unpleasant as you might expect. Or in some cases, perhaps even worse...
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They nickel and dime you because the entire place is held up by stacks of nickels and dimes...

Oof. Can you imagine traveling all the way from Australia to see the wonders of Seattle and then you get...this?

Pretty sure any strange men who want to "chill" with you in your hotel room are a bad sign, skin color aside...

Our favorite review because,

1. Why is the title in quotes?
2. The room was quite clean except the two things that make up most of the room.
3. Everyone should be aware of the Latino Gangster Mustache Thickness rating system Seattle has in place. "The smaller the stache, the more you'll want to crash..."
4. Herpes??? Goodness gravy...