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Seattle Floating Homes Exhibit Coming To MOHAI

Seattle's love of floating homes isn't a recent thing. While their definition is still a topic of debate, we remain fascinated by their iconic place in the city, specifically Lake Union.

The Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) just announced that their new summer community exhibit is all about exploring and honoring these Seattle icons. It's called Still Afloat: A Contemporary History of Seattle's Floating Homes.

The display, produced in partnership with the Seattle Floating Homes Association, offers an exploration of floating homes through stories, pictures, and artifacts, illustrating both the cultural and technological intricacies of this one-of-a-kind community. Still Afloat will explore both floating home culture, as well as the technical innovations that make life on the water possible. Photographs, personal objects, and video interviews from residents old and new will bring to life the rich history of the floating home community and illuminate how it has changed over the years. Additionally, a scale model of a floating home will be on display to allow visitors to see the complex systems and structures that keep these homes afloat. The exhibit is curated by local author Erin Feeney, who recently produed produce the book entitled Seattle's Floating Homes. It will be on display in the Linda and Ted Johnson Family Community gallery between June 15 and November 3.
· Still Afloat: Seattle's Floating Homes [MOHAI]