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Belltown Banner Building Loft Price Reduced 24% Since March

Belltown's Banner Building seems to have a lot going for it. A central location close to the waterfront, Olympic Sculpture Park and Seattle Center. Unit 404 come with modern perks, a large living area and tons of light pouring in. And the massive skywall with west views comes with with two private balconies. Yet what was once listed at $1.25M in January has steadily dropped in price since, including a 9% drop in April and a 10% cut just a few days ago, bringing the price all the way down to $999K.

Looking at comparable recent sales, it seems like they're more in line with the market now. But is there something we're missing about why no one's biting? That outer design that makes it look like it's forever-under-construction can't be helping...
· 80 Vine St, Unit 404 [Estately]