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The Killing Returns With Its Made-Up Seattle Locales (& Rain)

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A little behind here but it's worth mentioning The Killing, which takes place in a Seattle where it rains every single minute of every single day, is back on your TV The much-maligned show is rebooting by starting fresh with a completely new mystery. One thing that did return from the previous two seasons is the show's delightful way of incorporating local Seattle neighborhoods and locations in fun and/or silly ways. You might remember previous mentions of "Green Lake Mosque" and a bridge on a map of North Seattle that looked a heckuva lot like Deception Pass all the way up on Whidbey Island. So far in Season 3 we've been introduced to "Vashon Marina" and look forward to playing the Made-Up Seattle Place Drinking Game with the show for the rest of the season.
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