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A Tropical Paradise Awaits You Inside This Lynnwood House

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Marcel Proust once said, "The only paradise is paradise lost." So we'll leave it up to you to decide if you're better off jumping all over this 3-BR in Lynnwood or letting this inner-paradise pass you by. Outside, it's your normal suburban home, close to schools and a mall. Inside...HOLY MOLY. It's as if every room transports you to a new tropical locale or color explosion, or at least an overly-painted version of one. This house is what a delirious castaway sees in their dreams, with each room an interpretation on their mood.

You've heard of places where it's as if the clouds reach down and touch the ocean? Well this is where it literally happens...

So long as you keep staring into the portal, you'll look out on a tropical wonder. Definitely don't look to the left at the rack of clothing. That'll bum you out.

What's great about the living room is that turning on the TV actually takes away from the visceral experience going on.

Honey, what do you want to put in the foyer? "Everything."

· 1817 200th Place SW, Lynnwood [Estately]