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Washington Park Tower Condo So Nice, Broker Breaks Self-Imposed Hyperbole Rule

"I am not one to employ a great deal of hyperbole in presenting you with a fabulous property." So begins the real estate listing prose for this Washington Park Tower 2-BR, which is apparently so fabulous, this broker decided "in this case, however, I will make an exception!" Exclamation point theirs, not ours.

This new arrival in the much sought after Washington Park Tower is an exquisite find! Exceptional value, top quality, fabulous views. Lake Washington at your feet with Mt Rainier front row center. Two bedrooms and two and one half baths, very spacious living room and dining room. Fireplace, of course! It is an absolutely fabulous find! For those keeping score, that's two mentions of "fabulous," two mentions of "find" and two more exclamation points Hyberbole galore!
· 1620 43rd Ave E Unit 8C [Estately]