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Harbor Urban & The Carlyle Group Break Ground On 171-Unit Velo Apartments

Harbor Urban and The Carlyle Group announced Monday that they've broken ground on Velo, a four-story complex with 171 apartments located at 3635 Woodland Avenue North in Fremont. Those units include four live-work spots and eleven townhomes.

Velo amenities will include a roof-top social gathering lounge, individual p-patch gardens and a conference room "that you would see at Google or Amazon." Not sure if that means it will be really nice or just have a bouncy ball & video game console in it.

Velo is expected to be ready for move-ins by Late 2014 and final completion by Early 2015.Harbor Urban and The Carlyle Group also mentioned that they eventually want to introduce more than 300 apartment units in the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods.

(Special bonus to the "hey, get out of the way!" feel of the renderings. Those jerks are totally "walking" into the "shot!" Wake up, people-who-were-placed-in-the-sides-of-the-frame!)