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102-Unit Aperture Breaks Ground This Week In Lower Queen Anne

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An aperture is a hole or opening through which light travels. We'll be honest, we're not quite sure why the impending apartment complex at 500 John St. in Lower Queen Anne is called Aperture, but, what the hell. It's not any weirder than Velo or Aspira or Acylone, is it? L&P Partners will break ground on the 102-unit complex this week, per DJC. Plans call for 87 parking stalls, live/work units and a rooftop deck, not to mention it puts you right around the corner from the Space Needle & EMP, perfect if you constantly have out-of-town guests visiting and you're really lazy.
· Aperture starts at 500 John St. [DJC]

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109