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Seattle's First Parklets Coming To Capitol Hill, Belltown & Chinatown

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Seattle's Pilot Parklet Program is getting ready to kick off its transformation of the city's neighborhoods with two small-scale public spaces in Capitol Hill and Belltown in August, with a third space planned for the Chinatown/International District planned for end of summer.

The Belltown parklet is sponsored by City Hostel Seattle and would be located at 2327 Second Avenue. Montana Bar is sponsoring the Capitol Hill parklet, located at 1506 E Olive Way. The Chinatown /International District Business Improvement Area is sponsoring the third parklet, which is planned for 421 Sixth Avenue S The City Hostel Seattle parklet will include ample seating spaces, retractable canopies, a riser seating and theater area, game boards, bike share parking, and planter boxes. The Montana Bar parklet will include seating, including a partially-covered area, as well as planter boxes for vegetation while plans for a street cafe nearby are in the works. Finally, the Chinatown/ID parklet is expected to include seating, tables, and planter boxes.

Whatcha think? Can we expect to see you parking your butt in these parklets?
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