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Meet Seattle's First Standalone Certified Passive House

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Cascade Built and NK Architects announced Wednesday that Park Passive, the 2,710 square-foot house they constructed in Madison Park, is Seattle's first Passive House to be certified by the Passive House Academy and authorized by the Passivhaus Institut, which sets international standards for the rigorous energy efficiency certification program.

The Passive House certification program sets rigorous design standards for energy use and air infiltration that translate into significantly decreased energy consumption, improved thermal comfort, and superior indoor air quality. As one of Washington State's most energy efficient homes, the 4-bedroom, 3-bath Park Passive uses approximately 75-80% less overall energy compared to homes built to today's code standards. This figure reflects all of the energy used in the home by its family of four for electronics, cooking and refrigeration, clothes washing and drying, and hot water for bathing and dishwashing. The home's average indoor air temperature of 70 degrees is managed by opening and closing its Intus high performance windows and doors in summer and using the heat recovery ventilator when it's colder. The home's vaulted ceilings connect the main living area to an upstairs play area, while a day-lit open stair, punctuated with views to the street, showcases wall paneling from a tree salvaged from the site during construction. The salvaged wood was also used for stair treads and a live-edge bathroom counter top. Marquee appliances include an induction cooktop, Liebherr refrigerator and Bosch ventless clothes dryer. The rooftop deck offers panoramic views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Range.

Dwell Development's green micro-community Columbia Station previously announced that their townhomes met Passivhaus standards, but Park Passive is the first standalone home to meet the stringent criteria.

The house has also been selected by the AIA for its first-ever Explore Design Home Tour on Saturday, September 14, 2013.
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