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Pioneer Square's Pergola Gets Its Yearly Accident Out Of The Way

The historic iron and glass Pergola at Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's most iconic structures. Along with the the nearby totem pole and Pioneer Building, it was designated a national landmark in 1977.

It's also a magnet for truck accidents.

A light pole that's part of the Pergola complex was damaged by a truck early Thursday morning. All things considered, the structure got off easy. Back in May, a semi got stuck on it trying to make a turn. In 2012, another truck hit the Pergola, causing minor damage. None of those accidents were anything like the one in 2001, when a truck rammed into the structure, rendering it a heaping wreck that needed 19 months to be restored. Here's to hoping this means the Pergola has at least 12 months of accident-free life to live.
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