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Two Area Medical Centers Win AIA National Healthcare Design Awards

Huzzah and kudos to The Everett Clinic Smokey Point Medical Center in Marysville and Peace Island Medical Center on San Juan Island, both of whom were recently named recipients of an AIA National Healthcare Design Award. Both facilities were awarded within the "Less than $25 million in construction cost" category.
On the Peace Island Medical Center in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island:
Peace Island Medical Center began with a remote island community uniting to realize their vision of rural healthcare in the San Juan Islands. The hospital melds discreetly into the old-growth forest, basalt slopes and wetlands. Island resources are extremely limited, making sustainable choices fundamental. Naturally ventilated clinical areas and patient rooms connect occupants with fresh air and drive down energy use. The design reflects the values of the caregivers and community, embodying humility, environmental sensitivity and innovation. The Living Building Challenge served as a roadmap for sustainable initiatives, decoupled mechanical systems, greatly reduced potable water use and minimal energy use. On The Everett Clinic Smokey Point Medical Center in Smokey Point.
The new Smokey Point Medical Center houses twenty different medical specialties in a two-story 60,000-square-foot clinic designed to reflect The Everett Clinic's values and to streamline and enhance the patient experience by reducing wait times and providing comprehensive care in a single easy to access community location. The facility was designed using Lean with a focus on achieving a highly efficient, flexible and patient-focused care environment that expressed affordable elegance. This facility manifests the Everett Clinic's core values: do what is right for each patient; provide and enriching and supportive care environment; and deliver value in quality, cost and service.
· AIA Selects 12 Projects for National Healthcare Design Awards [AIA]