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It's A Marilyn Monroe Painting Smackdown In Seattle

Two interesting properties hit the market in the last couple days and while they're both extremely different, they have one thing in common: A really big Marilyn Monroe painting on the wall. That seems like enough of a link to commence a smackdown to determine which Marilyn Monroe painting-festooned condo you'd rather buy.

In this corner, we head to 4402 SW Henderson St. in Fauntleroy where a 4402 SW Henderson St">three-level, 4-BR house recently hit the market for $799,950. Marilyn can be found in the master suite (naughty) where the view also includes Puget Sound and the Olympics. The home also comes with a custom built trex deck, chef's kitchen, huge shower and heated bathroom floors.

In the other corner, we head to 1707 Dexter Ave N where Unit C in THE BLOCK (their emphasis, not ours) provides a prime spot in this concrete & steel mixed-use condo project for $949K. Here, Marilyn watches you eat and/or hang out in your living room. But if you want to escape her gazed, you've got 2,360 square feet and 3-BRs to get lost in. Not to mention the two-car garage and private roof deck overlooking Lake Union.

So, if you were limiting your upcoming home purchase to only listings that include a Marilyn Monroe painting, which one would you choose?

Poll results

· 4402 SW Henderson St [Estately]
· 1707 Dexter Ave N, Unit C [Estately]