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LaSalle Pays $68.2M For Interbay's Slate Apartments & Lofts

On Friday, Unico Properties announced that it had sold Slate Apartments & Lofts, a 236-apartment project in Interbay, to LaSalle Investment Management for $68.2M. We don't talk about Interbay too much here so it's a good chance to look in on what's happening in this underdeveloped neighborhood-inbetween-neighborhoods. Recent zoning changes made Slate the first is a line of upcoming developments that will change the look and demos of the area. Slate officially opens its doors in mid-August and includes 204 parking stalls as well as 5,500 square feet of ground-level, corner retail space.
Unico sells new apartment building in Seattle's Interbay to LaSalle [PSBJ]