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What's Available In Hillman City, Seattle's Best Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

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The Seattle Weekly recently named Hillman City, a nook in-between Columbia City and Rainier Beach, Seattle's best up-and-coming neighborhood.

There are two up-and-coming stories happening in Hillman City, the outwardly sleepy strip between Columbia City and Rainier Beach. One is an immigrant story, as it has become a vibrant center of Seattle's growing African Muslim community and other immigrant groups...The other up-and-coming story is a more common one: With cheap property prices and close proximity to both hip Columbia City and hoity Seward Park, white professionals are becoming more and more comfortable moving in So the obvious first question is...what kind of homes are available in Hillman City?

? This recently remodeled home at 5515 Renton Ave S is 1,790 square-feet, has 3-BR and is on the market for $215K.

? This 4-BR at 5974 44 Ave S recently came down from $390K to $350K.

? Things get modern with this 3-BR at 4717 S Lucile St. The upper level master suite features a private deck, 3/4 bath & walk-in closet.

? This 1909-built, 2-story home with fully finished daylight basement is at 4204 S Graham St. and available for $489K.
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