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New Amazon Biospheres Are Now Spores Devouring Seattle

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Amazon's continued plan to remake the entire look and feel of Seattle took one more step towards fruition with the unveiling of new renderings for massive biospheres that will highlight their new downtown campus.

Gone is the sleek, uniform look of the original renderings. Now, the dome designs are more like giant bubbles with a pattern of sand-dollar designs stretching out to connect with one another. Our initial thought was that they resembled spores, slowly growing and spreading across the city until they encase all our trees.

Amazon's architects, NBBJ, will present their latest designs to the Design Review Board on Tuesday. You can read the planning document here to find out all the nitty-gritty details and thinking that went into them.

Thoughts? Much cooler than the first go-round? Ridiculous? Just what Seattle needs?
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