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Food Review Turns Into Referendum On Hotel Ballard's Architecture

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Last week, The Stranger posted their review of Stoneburner, the new restaurant located inside Hotel Ballard from executive chef Jason Stoneburner (what a coincidence!). That's not what we're concerned with. That's more of an Eater Seattle thing. What we ARE concerned with is what happened next in the comments.

dunno about the food but these ginormous restaurants are nuking Ballard AVe. This particular new building, the Ballard Hotel,is hideous, looks like it belongs in Vegas next to the fake Eiffel tower. Quite a glaring omission in this review. Following that kick-off was a throwdown on the entire Hotel Ballard and its architecture that some people have apparently been wanting to have for some time now...

Here are our favorite comments...

You don't see any problems with a behemoth of yellow stucco punctuated by air conditioning vents and balconies that wandered in from a Southern Plantation mail-order catalog? You have no qualms about archways of chalky, chunky sandstone on loan from the Magic Kingdom collection?
In a city with only three moderately intact historic districts (Ballard Ave, Pioneer Square, Georgetown), a crime like the Hotel Ballard should be met with 7-digit fines. I hadn't been to Ballard in a number of months until 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't believe that ugly suburban McMansion-style hotel was the final product.
That building, including the adjoining restaurant, belongs in Kirkland. How this Carnival cruiseliner passed Landmarks review is a travesty.

Goodness. Guess we better inquire with you guys. Do you agree the Hotel Ballard is a "Carnival cruiseliner" that "belongs in Kirkland?" Or do you think it's all just a bunch of "I hate anything new?"

P.S. Poor Kirkland...
· Déjà Vu in Ballard [The Stranger]