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Cornerspotted: 85th & Palatine In Greenwood

On Friday, we asked you to guess what North Seattle street we were looking at from 1957. We got some great guesses but Fnarf was the first one to correctly say it's 85th and Palatine.

Fnarf provided some details in his answer:

I'm going to say 85th looking east towards Greenwood Avenue from Palatine. That's the Taproot Theater on the left, where the Grand is in the picture. Harry's or Larry's is now Consolidated Carpet. On the left today we have Greenwood Optical and the thrift shop; in the distance on the left are the current locations of Gordito's, and beyond it the building just vacated by the much-missed Antika. The stoplight in the dead center of the photograph is hanging over Greenwood Ave. Check back Friday for the next round of Cornerspotter. And if you've got a great idea or image for the next one, feel free to send it our way.