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What $1,000/Month Can Rent You Around Seattle Right Now

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in Seattle. We were intrigued by the Seattle Times' recent article about how rents are skyrocketing all over town. So, instead of sticking to one neighborhood, we decided to see what one can get for $1,000/month in different Seattle spots. Let's find out.

? Believe it or not, we found a place in Belltown. For $950/month, you're looking at a 450- square-foot studio in The Castle Apartments. The interior doesn't look that shabby and it puts you within easy walking distance to all things downtown. The Castle comes up often in these posts.

? Next up, we're off to The Vintage Wallingford Apartments where a 481-square-foot studio is available for $950/month. Again, if the amenities outside are more important than the ones inside, you could find worse places. Besides, it looks pretty updated and nice inside (though they note that this isn't the actual apartment in question).

? Really need a little more space and, dare we say, a bedroom? How about this place at 5258 Erskine Way in West Seattle. For $1,000 even you get 600 square-feet, a full kitchen and an actual bedroom. The trade-off is that you're fairly removed from Seattle Proper, if that's a concern or need.

? If you think finding a 2-BR at this price is impossible, don't believe the hype. Here's one at 1755 S Horton St. in North Beacon Hill. The newly-remodeled 2-BR/1-bath provides 900-square-feet of space and easy access to public transportation for commuters.

? And finally we end up in North Green Lake where you can find another 2-BR, this one for $1,025/month. Also at 900-square-feet, this one comes with full carpeting, an open floor-plan and a large utility room. You're also a short walk to Green Lake and everything around it.