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Reactions & Reviews Of Renovated Husky Stadium

This Saturday, the Washington Huskies kick off the 2013 college football season when they host the Boise State Broncos. What makes this season-opener special is that they'll be playing for the first time inside newly-renovated Husky Stadium. At a price-tag of $280M, the longtime Husky home has a whole lot of bells and whistles. A bunch of folks got to take a tour of the redone football mecca and let's find out what they saw and their reactions to it.

It's a fine line between opulent and ostentatious, and perhaps the greatest triumph of the new Husky Stadium rebuild is that they managed to stay on the tasteful side of that delicate equation. - Seattle Times

For their $280.6-million price tag, the Huskies got plenty of bang, including a suitably luxurious football operations building, complete with a fireplace in Steve Sarkisian's office, three hydrotherapy pools, and the roomy, well-appointed, cutting-edge locker room that is de rigueur in enticing recruits. - Seattle Times

There is also suites and club seating for the first time at Husky Stadium — 27 suites, 65 patio suites and 2,507 club seats. The stadium added permanent seats in the east end zone as well — which sit atop a bank of field level suites that was an added cost to the original project. - CBS Seattle

The new building includes 882 in-stadium toilets, that's an increase of more than 100 from the old stadium. - MyNorthwest

What most fans won't see are the elaborate coaching offices, locker rooms, meeting rooms, weight room and training room built inside the west end-zone entrance and beneath the seats. Coaches can practically live in their new workplace, with their own kitchen, shower and couches...Two barber chairs and a barber pole are among the touches. - SportsPressNW

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Husky Stadium

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