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Jeff Bezos Maintaining His 'Washington Post' In Medina

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been making news with his purchase of the Washington Post. A whole lot of folks are poking into his private life but not many will get much info about the Medina mansion he calls home.

What do we know about it? Located not too far from Bill Gates' home, this house is 29,000 square feet spread over two buildings with 200 yards of shoreline. In 2010, Bezos completed $28M worth of renovations that increased the living area in the estate's two buildings from 13,000 square feet. The 5.35-acre estate also includes a massive boathouse and caretaker's cottage. Bezos and his family split their time between this mansion, their $30M manse in Beverly Hills and three linked apartments in the Century Tower in Manhattan.

Good luck getting a clear shot of the entire property, Bezos seems intent on maintaining what little privacy his life might afford him here in Medina.
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