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No Team, No Problem: SoDo Arena Designs Move Forward

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The Seattle Sonics aren't coming back and there is no NHL team currently slated to play in town anytime soon. However, that's not stopping Chris Hansen and 360 Architecture from moving forward on designs for their arena in SoDo.

The team will present their latest designs to the Design Review Board Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and of course they have some changes based on their previous meeting.

· The stairs leading up to the main entrance are gone.
· The massive "fin wall" is also gone.
· On-site parking had been added.
· The color of the building structure has been changed from an orange hue to green.

Things could move pretty quickly once the NBA or NHL finally decide to grace Seattle with a team, can't hurt to try and get ahead of the ball (or puck) in the meantime.
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