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Tour 5 Seattle-Area Homes Listed For Under $250K

There's been so much talk recently about how Seattle's housing market is on the upswing. Prices are soaring, opportunities are plentiful and apparently the streets are paved with gold. For many folks, however, it doesn't matter how good or bad the market is doing, there's only so much they can spend. Or want to spend. So we thought it might be a good idea to take a break from the million-dollar listings and take a peek in the other direction. And so, Here are 10 totally livable Seattle-area homes currently listed below $250K. Do have a look, below.

? 7026 S 116th, Skyway: This 700-square-foot home on a 6K-square-foot lot is going for just $179K. [link]

? 914 SW 102nd St, West Seattle: This 3-BR West Seattle Craftsman Bungalow is down from $235K to $195K. [link]

? 1032 S 128th St, Seattle: This remodeled 1,360-square-foot three-bedroom home is going for $230K. [link]

?12815 8th Ave S, Burien: This 1,342-square-foot three-bedroom is going for just under $235K. [link]

? 9916 129th Place SW, Vashon: This 3-BR home on Vashon Island recently went down from $295K to $240K. [link]