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SoDo Arena Will Use Sewage Heat To Keep You Warm & Cozy

The architects behind the SoDo Arena released another set of designs Monday as they prepare for another design-review meeting. There's plenty of descriptions and designs and renderings. Old news, really. But there's also this...

A "sewer heat transfer" system would draw heat during the winter and reject heat in the summer, according to the packet. This will not only reduce the use of heating energy by 70 percent but would eliminate the need for cooling towers that would consume 1.8 million gallons of water a year. Simply put, the arena will use "sewage heat" to keep you warm. No wonder that thing kinda looks like a giant toilet from afar.

And now we make a bunch of sewage puns.

· Sewage heat? That doesn't sound very apeeling.
· When the Sonics come back, hope they don't toilet our emotions.
· The arena designers have really done their doody to make this place eco-friendly.
· At least we'll all stay cozy even if the Sonics go in the crapper.
· We don't know if this will be a very poopular decision.
· UriNate McMillan's house so you better be ready.
· Remember, no matter what, the Sonics are No. 1. Not No. 2.
· Hopefully the design review board steps on the gas and approves this already.

That should do it.
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