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Five Damning Sentences In Bloomberg's Takedown Of Amazon's Campus & South Lake Union Architecture

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We've spent a lot of time staring, mouths agape, at the plans for biospheres on Amazon's new 3.3M square-foot downtown campus. But what about the rest of it? Bloomberg's Bloomberg's James Russell took a closer look at the plans as well as taking a stroll around South Lake Union and came away...unimpressed. Let's find out just how unimpressed he was...

1. "Three glass domes set to rise like cartoon idea bubbles can't save Inc.'s new Seattle headquarters from terminal dullness."

2. "Amazon wants the towers to fade into the downtown-edge background, but they are so lacking in character that they stick out embarrassingly."

3. "Imagination on the part of the architects failed to make the checklist, however, and so the result, as with Amazon's towers, is leaden."

4. "The buildings vary only in trivial details, like whether the rectangular windows are oriented vertically or horizontally."

5. "Instead of sculpting buildings to grab Seattle's dim daylight and stunning views, the dumb exteriors face other dumb exteriors across narrow alleys."

Well, denizens of Seattle, what say you? Agree? Disagree? Just want to stay quiet lest your Amazon Overlords find out and cancel your free shipping?
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