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PARK(ing) Day Brought Putt-Putt & Pride To Seattle Streets

Friday was PARK(ing) Day in Seattle. It was an opportunity for Seattle businesses and neighborhoods to temporarily turn parking spaces into parks while raising awareness about important issues like creating a walkable, livable, healthy city. There were 45 "parks" all over Seattle in neighborhoods from Lake City to Capitol Hill to West Seattle.

Here's just a couple images courtesy of Tom Wright. You'll find photos of Weber Thompson's "Carmageddon" at Thomas St. & Terry Ave. N as well as ReLeaf & Urban Forestry's Miniature Urban Forest at Thomas St & Westlake Ave. N. Did you snap some pics of a one-day park near you? send them over...) and we'll add them to the gallery. Check out KOMO's gallery and SeattlePI's gallery for many more shots.