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Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Available For $500K

Usually when we see a real estate listing full of photos including people, we shuffle it over to the Strange, Weird & Terrible section. But when the person in question is legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, we suppose we can let that slide. Wendy O'Connor, Cobain's mother, put the 4-BR, 1,522 square-foot Aberdeen bungalow that he grew up in on the market this week.

Available for $500K, the 1923-built home has seen better days. Judging by some of the photos, it probably smells a bit worse than teen spirit. It does, however, come with some Cobain family furniture, including Kurt's childhood mattress (yuck?). The family is willing to help turn the abode into a museum but the ultimate fate of the building is up to the new owner.
· 1210 E First Ave, Aberdeen [Th Agency]