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Bellevue Towers Penthouses Chop Over $1M Off Asking Price

"Million-dollar views" is usually how people describe the view from a luxury condo tower penthouse. In the case of Bellevue Towers, you can now describe it as "Million-dollar-less-than-before views." Via DBN, the new prices are $4.45K for the North Tower penthouse & $4.95K for the South Tower one. That's a 19% and 27% decrease, respectively. Hurry up if you're interested, DBN says an offer is already in on the South Tower penthouse.
· Both Bellevue Towers Penthouses Lowered by Over $1 Million [DBN]
· 500 106th Ave NE Unit 4201 [Estately]
· 10700 NE 4th St Unit 4302 [Estately]

Bellevue Towers

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