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Hate aPodments? Tough Noogies, There's More Coming To Seattle

Despite the complaints of some, micro-apartments a.k.a. aPodments have become an extremely popular living option for many in and around Seattle. As Amazon and other tech companies continue to ramp up employment, more and more people are moving to Seattle looking for a cheap place to live. Per PSBJ, at least one company is looking to take advantage of that:

Jim Potter, a developer who has has built 465 controversial micro-apartments, plans to build many more of the units, or suites as he calls them, through his new company, Footprint.

Footprint has completed seven developments. Potter said it has about 10 more in various stages of permitting and constrution in the greater Seattle area, Portland, Ore., and Oakland, Calif.

Students, commuters and anyone else cool with a 200-square-foot living space, rejoice!
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