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Seattle's Historic Pioneer Building Sold For $12.3M

Photo: Joe Mabel

The corner of First and James is a special one in the history of Seattle. Originally, it was the home of Henry Yesler, the city's first millionaire. After he moved his home, he decided to build a 94-foot-tall Richardsonian Romanesque stone, red brick, terra cotta and cast iron building known as the Pioneer Building. Constructed at a cost of over $250K, I suppose you could say it's grown in value just a little bit. Last week, it sold for roughly $12.3M to Sun Capital Corp.

A testament to the growth of Seattle, the Pioneer Building was home to 48 different mining companies during the Gold Rush and "Seattle's First Speakeasy" during Prohibition. Now we look forward to the next chapter in the building's…and the city's legacy.
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