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On Comparing Seattle's Growing Building Heights With 'Rape'

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We're on board with some Seattle resident concerns about the possibility that Seattle's Department of Planning and Development may make changes to codes overseeing low-rise multifamily residential buildings. In 2011, the city changed the max height from 30 feet to 40 feet and now could see those maximums rise again to as much as 55 feet. If you live in neighborhoods such as Ballard, Tangletown, Capitol Hill and West Seattle, you've seen these buildings come in and change not only the property's landscape but also their neighbors.

At a meeting Tuesday night, many Seattlites showed up to voice their frustrations. There were concerns about overdevelopment. Concerns about lost views and property value. There were even some defenders of the practice. And then one woman took it to a whole 'nother level.

"Let's talk about the rape of those little houses." Eaaaasy, slugger.

There's no doubt Seattle's residential areas are in the midst of change. So many areas that have remained untouched for decades are now being inundated with townhome projects and condominiums and modern homes that it must be jarring. And certainly it's well within the rights of locals to fight for their rights and concerns. But, you know, maybe we want to ease up a little bit on the rhetoric, especially if we want our arguments to carry heft. Otherwise, all we remember about this issue is you. It's something the anti-aPodment crowd (which might be the same crowd) can learn as well.

Well, at least no one invoked Godwin's Law. So that's something. City admins will release a report on the potential code changes in March.

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