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DeForest Architects' Courtyard House Links Life To Lakefront

Via Contemporist, we've gotten a chance to peek inside and out of the Courtyard House in Laurelhurst, refurbished by DeForest Architects. Apparently the owners asked for a modern design that seamlessly connected the lakefront feel & views just outdoors with the feeling of privacy indoors. DeForest started with an entrance through a serene courtyard with plenty of privacy. Then, by removing much of the main floor structure, the main living spaces opened up to terraces, gardens and sweeping views. Now, all four bedrooms get a view of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier while floor-to-ceiling glass keeps the entire house connected with the world outside.
· Courtyard House by DeForest Architects [Contemporist]
· Courtyard House [DeForest]

Waterfront Park

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