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Bertha Blockage Includes Pipe & Concrete Fragments, Waterfront Building Sold

SODOSteel pipe fragments, plastic and a large piece of concrete. That's what WSDOT has been able to find inside the cutting face of Highway 99 tunnel machine Bertha so far in their quest to clear the debris and get her moving again. According to a post, WSDOT still says its too early to say for sure what caused the stoppage. [Seattle Times]

DOWNTOWN—The six-story World Trade Center East office building, located at 2211 Elliott Ave, has sold for $74.5M. LaSalle Investment Management purchased the complex from Equity Office. It's the third property LaSalle has bought in the area, which should be one of Seattle's major hubs once the waterfront construction is completed. [PSBJ]

SODOSafeco Field is installing metal detectors as a new security measure for fans wanting to come watch the Mariners play. Anyone who does not want to walk through the metal detector will have the option of being checked with a hand-held device, but one way or another, you'll get checked. [News Tribune]

Waterfront Park

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Safeco Field

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