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What Kind Of Home Can $500K Buy You In Ballard?

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can buy for a set dollar amount in various Seattle neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $500K in Ballard.

We start at 3410 NW Market St where inside this modern building you'll find Unit B, a 2-BR/2.25 bath townhouse with two floors and 1,230 square feet of stylish interiors for $479K. The main floor is surrounded by windows while upstairs the master ensuite includes a walk-in closet two-person shower. The 400 sq. ft. rooftop deck makes for a nice touch on sunny days.

Next, we head up to 8036 12th Ave NW where this brick Tudor 3-BR is asking $480K. The living area boasts hardwoods, coved ceilings, custom tiled and masonry fireplace. Looks like it's a perfect place for children so families be aware. Interestingly, the price had dropped to $445K back in October but shot back up. Wonder why…

An investment opportunity is waiting for someone at 3210 NW 69th St. A 2,230 sq. ft. 4-BR is currently available for $489K after dropping all the way down from $549K. 1910-built, the home comes with a detached two-car garage but might make more sense as a rebuild on this 5K sq. ft. lot.

Finally we check out this townhouse at 1523 NW 64th St going for $494K. The broker babble says it's "located in the heat of Ballard," which is probably a typo but we'd like to think it's not. The newer design is 4-Star Built Green and the 3-BR unit features top of the line appliances, plenty of light and a private patio.
· 3410 B NW Market St [Estately]
· 8036 12th Ave NW [Estately]
· 3210 NW 69th St [Estately]
· 1523 A NW 64th St [Estately]