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Oklahoma City Wants Truce, Seattle Reacts Accordingly

Photo: Jason Taellious

In 2008, Clay Bennett up and moved the Seattle Sonics to Oklahoma City in the final move of a well-orchestrated heist. Since then, Seattle has been trying to get a new NBA franchise (with no luck) all-the-while despising Bennett and his Thunder.

One OKC columnist noticed that we're pretty happy about the Seahawks making the Super Bowl and proposed that it's a good time for the two cities to be friends (again?).

Listen, you leave our basketball team alone and we promise not to come after your football team. We have a thing for football and playmakers named Russell W. in this city. The Seahawks would be a nice fit, though we'd probably have to change their name to the Barons or Energy or something like that. Kidding!

Seattle responded accordingly…

Carry on, everyone.
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