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Welcome To Seattle's Densest Neighborhood Block

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Construction continues on the corner of 3rd and Cedar, at the north end of Belltown, on a 27-story, 298-unit project that will create Seattle's most densely populated single block.

The new project, Dimension by Alta, is scheduled for completion in Spring of 2014. No word yet on rental rates, but the amenities will include a bike repair station, a 2,500-square-foot lounge, a rooftop deck, and a street-level "expression room" for music and the creative arts.

Just across the alley from the newcomer is a 20-year-old condo tower called Seattle Heights, 26-stories tall, with 239 units.

The developers, Wood Partners, spent several years in a zoning standoff with the Seattle Heights Condominium Owners Association that was eventually resolved, with Wood paying SHCOA a substantial indemnity and picking up the legal fees.

Founded in Atlanta 15 years ago, Wood Partners is one of the nation's largest developers of high-end residential real estate. In Seattle, Wood has also developed a low-rise neighborhood project in Wedgewood, Jasper by Alta.