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Mixed-Use Project Squeezing Into Cap Hill, Yet Another Bellevue Office Building

[Capitol Hill/Bellevue]

CAPITOL HILL—Wednesday night, a proposed apartment development between 10th and 11th Ave and behind the E Pike buildings will go before the design review board. The building would be a 136-unit, six-level structure that includes 130 subterranean parking stalls. It's also expected to include over 11K square feet of street-level retail. [CHS]

TACOMA—The City of Tacoma is looking for interest in replacing two parking lots near the convention center with a large hotel and/or mixed-use development. The spot is available to developers for the tidy sum of $6.3M and letters of interest are due to the City by February 24. [Exit 133]

BELLEVUE—A 15-story office building is coming to 305 108th Ave. N.E. in downtown Bellevue. Goldsmith Land Investments will begin construction some time in the next 18 months and add 210K square feet to the booming Bellevue office space growth. [PSBJ]