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Seahawks vs. Broncos: Who Has The Better Homes?

Sure, when the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos take the field for the Super Bowl on Sunday, they'll be battling to determine which one is the better football team. But the battle to determine which team's players have better homes will be decided right here and right now. Thanks to, we can pit aspects of Bronco homes against Seahawk homes to find out who's living larger…

Best Wine Room: Peyton Manning vs. Marshawn Lynch

The Broncos legendary quarterback also has himself a legendary wine collection inside his $4.6M, seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom gated Georgian mansion that also includes a seven-car garage, an elevator, and a panic room.

Meanwhile, just because he's known as Beast Mode, that doesn't mean Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch doesn't have his own private wine space for when he's feeling more Classy Mode.

Best Gourmet Kitchen: Britton Colquitt vs. Walter Thurmond

Broncos punter Britton Colquitt recently purchased a $1.75M home in Castle Rock, CO where his kitchen combines some classic rustic designs with modern touches. Meanwhile, Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond is known for his steely demeanor shutting down receivers and it's no surprise his Maple Valley kitchen features stainless steel.

Best Family Room: Zach Miller vs. Von Miller

It's Miller Time! The living room in Seattle tight end Zach Miller's $2.15M Bellevue home is full of warm colors and cozy interiors. Meanwhile Denver linebacker Von Miller's $950K Foxfield home hangout goes more wood-focused.

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