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Super Bowl Smackdown: Seattle's Capitol Hill vs. Denver's Capitol Hill

This weekend, the Seattle Seahawks will battle the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl superiority on the football field. In the meantime, let's pit Seattle and Denver against one another to determine which city is just plain better than the other. We're biased, obviously, but we'll do out best to remain impartial.

The easiest way to do it? Peruse the Denver neighborhood list and find out we share a similarly-named neighborhood. Capitol Hill. We turn to these tiny pieces of each city to determine the outcome for all of us...


Photo: Daniel Spils

Our version - One of Seattle's most prominent nightlife and entertainment district. It's also the epicenter of Seattle's gay and counterculture communities, though it's also home to "Millionaire's Row" along 14th Avenue E. and various historic mansions and buildings. While the official legend is in dispute, some say it's named for Denver's Capitol Hill community.

Home Sale & Rental Outlook: According to Zillow, median home value in Seattle's Capitol Hill is $384K.Median list price per square foot is $392, median price of homes currently listed is $359K while the median price of homes sold is $413K. The median rent price is $1,611, which is lower than the Seattle median of $1,678.

Luxury Condo Profile: Classic 1920's architecture with grand spaces rarely found in a condominium, this second-floor 2-BR unit features a magnificent fireplace and light-filled dining room with views of the Space Needle & Olympics. Available for $1.3M.

Home Profile: This 1909-built mansion was designed by local architect David Myers for the Prosser family. Following the Elizabethan period & keeping true to his designs, the interior has received careful attention and restoration since. Available for $3.5M.


Photo: Larry Lamsa

Their version - Named for the Colorado State Capitol, this formerly rough spot has become gentrified in recent years. Once the home of Denver's rich & elite, as well as the original home of American Foursquare architecture, it remains the city's main spot for historic mansions, apartments and condo buildings, many of which are home to artists and bohemians.

Home Sale & Rental Outlook: Via Zillow, the median home value in Denver's Capitol Hill is $173K. Local home values have gone up 9.5% over the past year. The median list price per square foot is $244 and the median price of homes is $245K while the median price of homes that sold is $192K. The median rent price is $1,283, which is far lower than the Denver median of $1,616.

Luxury Condo Profile: Denver's largest penthouse occupies the entire 15th floor of the south tower of The Beauvallon. The 8,323 sq. ft., 4-BR/6-bath space was created by renowned architect Jonathan Saiber. Currently available for $4.9M.

Home Profile: This restored home with 5 additional rental units is available for $3.5M. Each unit includes one off-street parking spot in an oversized driveway, though a four-car garage comes with the main house.

So, how do we measure up?