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Heatmap Heating Up: A Look At Rising Rent Prices In Seattle

As you're no doubt aware by now, Seattle rents are rising. And in South Lake Union, those rental rates are apparently reaching epic heights. According to Trulia, the median rental price per bedroom in South Lake Union is up to $2,248/month. That's more than Belltown and Downtown locally and notable neighborhoods like San Francisco's Mission elsewhere.

Some of the notable SLU rentals on the market that speak to the high costs of living there include a Veer 1-BR for $1,900, Mercerview 2-BR for $1,900 and Alcyone 2-BR for up to $2,300.

In December, rental prices in Seattle rose 8.9%, way higher than the national average of 3.0%. Check out the Trulia Heatmap for the city's most popular neighborhoods,noting that the dollar amount attached is the average rent price per room, not entire condo/apartment. What say you based on these trends?
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