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Bertha Blockage Update: The Mystery Object Is A Pipe. Oh...

Image: Bertha
Some pundits are concerned that marijuana is going to overrun Seattle once the pot shops open all around town. So in that sense, it's apropos that the mysterious object blocking Bertha the boring tunnel machine is a pipe.

Okay, not THAT kind of pipe, but, close enough.

The deep-tunnel boring machine tasked to dig the new State Route 99 tunnel was at least partially blocked by a steel pipe, the Washington State Department of Transportation said Friday. If you're wondering why WSDOT didn't know the pipe was there, you're really gonna be confused when you find out WSDOT are the ones who put the pipe there a decade ago.

Hey, do YOU remember where you installed every eight-inch thick steel pipe this century??? Didn't think so.

Changing soil conditions and excessive wear on the cutting tools may also be contributing factors to the stopping. No word yet on how long it will take to remove the pipe and get Bertha boring again. She's behind schedule and only 1/10th of the way to her goal.
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