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Snohomish Seahawks Fan Ups Ante vs. Homeowners Association

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Photo: Dale Carlson

Last we left Snohomish resident & Seattle Seahawks fan Dale Carlson, he was locked in a bitter dispute with his local homeowners association over a 12th Man flag flying on his property. Wonder how they're gonna feel now that Carlson is flying multiple flags, banners and even jerseys to show off his Hawkitecture & support for the Seahawks as they begin what many hope is a Super Bowl run.

So far, Carlson hasn't gotten the same reaction from neighbors. Save for one

"It is a green and blue flag with a number 12 in the middle where the stars and stripes would be," says Carlson. "He [the homeowner's association board member] came up here onto my property and was hollering and yelling at me about staining the American flag and how much of a hypocrite I was for doing that. I said, 'I bought the flag down at the Seahawks game.' I said, 'I did not touch the flag. It's a flag that I bought.'" The only reason Seahawks fans might be on the side of the local HOA? The last time Carlson flew his flag in the playoffs, the Seahawks lost
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