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I Will Possess Your Home: Chris Walla's Old House Asks $375K

An era ended in August when Chris Walla announced that he was leaving Seattle band Death Cab For Cutie. You may never be able to recapture Chris's glory days with the band but there is a chance for you to recapture part of Chris's childhood buying the Arbor Heights house he used to live in. Built in 1944 by Chris's grandparents, the family owned this 3-BR/1-bath house until 2006. Soul Meets Body meets breakfast in the recently-remodeled kitchen downstairs. We're guessing the guitar in that bedroom wasn't actually Chris's, and we're not even sure if that was Chris's room, but, you can sure pretend it was. And we'll Follow You into the Dark knowing there's a furnished basement down there. Plop down $375K and You Are A Tourist no more.
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