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Here's a 320 sf Cabin Close to Crystal Mountain

Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - but if the house is far enough away from the city and its rules, it might just work.

Skiers can be more interested in the commute from front door to lift line than they are from driveway to downtown. Buy this 320 square foot cabin and you're only 20 minutes from Crystal Mountain, traffic, weather, and avalanches permitting. The honesty of the listing is appreciated. There's no embellishment about the insides. It is a studio, not a 1 bedroom; and of course, only 1 bath. They understate the land, too. Few other places offer 5.75 acres and 2,000 feet of waterfront for $265,000.

Some mountain cabins show their age. Rustic covers for decaying. Lived-in means worn-down. Not this one. This cabin was built in 2012. Folks are using skis older than this house. The roof is pitched to shed snow. Keeping the size small makes the heating easier. Sleeping in the loft makes a lot of sense when winter arrives. If it wasn't for the baseboard heat, that morning trip to the woodstove would be a chilly awakening far more effective than any cup of coffee. Potentially, a very practical place.

Oddly, with 5.75 acres, there's no place to park. There may not be a garage, but a circle drawn around a 747 is less than 1.5 acres. Somewhere on the property there should be space for something more reasonable and 4WD. There may even be enough room for, gasp, a garage. Maybe they just were honest to a fault in the listing.

Greenwater isn't a very large place. The Census claims less than 100 people live there, but there is a store and the Naches Tavern. Maybe the entire town can meet inside. That's another reason a small space is all you need. Have the bigger parties down at the local bar, no driving required.

The area isn't just for skiing. It's close to Mt. Rainier National Park. The trees are big. So are the eagles. Forget about cute Bambi suburban deer. Elk hang out here. After the thaw there's that 2,000 feet of river front. The fish don't get any fresher.

Oh yeah, and about the river. The White River has had its share of floods and lahars. You might want to check with the authorities, and the locals, about that.
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Written by Tom Trimbath