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Jamie Moyer Finally Sells Magnolia 7-BR Mansion For $3.2M

It's been a long, hard road for the 7-BR home at 2550 40th Ave W in Magnolia on its way to being sold. Former Seattle Mariners pitcher Jamie Moyer has been trying to sell the 7,100 sq. ft. abode ever since 2010. Along the way the price dropped from $8.9M to $7.8M to $5.3M to $4.85M and eventually $3.595M. Someone finally put the Moyers out of their misery and bought the home this week for $3.2M. Sure, that's a 64% price-chop, but at this point, you take the money and run. The new owners get a built-in espresso bar, 1,500-bottle wine cellar, batting cage and a screening room, though we're guessing the batting cage won't get quite as much action as it used to.
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