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Here's a Mt. Baker House For Two People and 18 Bicycles

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"Why don't you just build a home for bicycles if you love them so much?," is something someone who is really fed up with Seattle's love of cycling might say. Between the bike share and the bike lanes and the bike-friendly apartments, we live in the golden age of bike love here. So it's probably not too much of a surprise to find out that Chadbourne + Doss Architects recently completed a house in Mount Baker made specifically for two people and 18 bicycles. Located at the intersection of two major bike routes, the 2,400 sq. ft. home is a veritable bike-owner mecca. The lower level includes a garage and bike shop that opens on to an enclosed yard for when the bikes need washing and/or repair. When the ride is over, the homeowners can head up to an open main floor with expansive views and sliding glass doors that can be opened to appreciate them clearly. The owners wanted a home that "incorporated both industrial and natural materials" and they seem to have accomplished that with a natural cedar exterior surrounding an interior accented with muted color and steel. We're guessing the human owners are very pleased with the final result but has anyone asked the bikes how they feel? It's their home, too.
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Photos by Benjamin Benschneider